TheTimeZoneConverter.com is a site meant to quickly convert times from one timezone to another.

The site relies on the worldwide collaborative tz database for its timezone information. The records are comprehensive and are sometimes referred to as the Olson database. The database is updated approximately twenty times per year and this site regularly incorporates the most recent version of the database.

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Mac OS X Widget: Download
An older version of the converter is available as a Mac OS X Widget. I have had numerous requests for this since launch and thanks to another programmer scratching an itch now have an answer for these requests. Timothy Armes wrote about the widget on his blog.

The Short Story

In January of 2010, I had to schedule several international calls. While scheduling, I'd often want to pick a time that was convenient to the other party. I did a quick Google search for "time zone converter" and found the existing sites had several flaws.

The problems I saw that could be improved:

This site is my attempt to fix some of these problems. I've started by focusing on the time entry problem. Instead of pop-up menus I have a free form text field that instantly converts the time after each key press.

I hope the tool is useful and even fun to use. Please let me know if you have any suggestions via the feedback link on the home page.

Jonathan Berger

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